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Side Hinged Garage Door

The side-hinged garage door is a common choice for those renovating older and compact garages. This type of door swings outward, making it possible to maximize the use of the entire garage interior. When you have a double-leaf side-hinged garage door, you have the flexibility to open one or both of its leaves as needed. This convenience allows for easy access to the garage and, over time, helps preserve the door from wear and tear since you don't have to fully open and close it when retrieving items like your bicycle from the garage.

The combination of solid panels, precisely engineered hollow section aluminum frames, and top-quality fittings creates a door that closes with a satisfyingly substantial "clunk," instilling confidence.

Security is a paramount feature, and our diverse selection of styles, finishes, and window options allows for personalized customization to match your preferences. Additionally, we offer 1/2 and 1/2 opening options as well as asymmetric configurations, further enhancing the door's versatility.

Our solid, thick panel doors are constructed with interlocking panels and an aluminum hollow section frame, ensuring exceptional strength, rigidity, and resistance to corrosion.

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