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Roller Garage Door

Roller garage doors are a popular choice among homeowners because of their space-efficient design. Unlike doors that swing inward or outward, roller garage doors open vertically. This vertical operation makes them an ideal option for homeowners who have limited space, both inside the garage and on the driveway. This versatility is why roller garage doors can accommodate garages of any size and various door openings.

Developed and manufactured in the UK, SeceuroGlide Garage Doors have been designed to meet the needs and expectations of the modern family. Prioritizing style, convenience, and high quality, SeceuroGlide addresses the requirement for excellent security and improved insulation, combined with an appealing appearance and easy operation.

Roller doors are available in a choice of 18 paint or wood-effect finishes, with some models available in any RAL color. You can enjoy the advanced technology of SeceuroGlide Connect, or for even more smart features, consider opting for the Connexoon or TaHoma home automation kits, which, among other functions, allow you to control your door using your smartphone.

With such a diverse range, we are confident that there is a suitable SeceuroGlide option for nearly any garage opening. Looking for exceptional security? The SeceuroGlide Excel is the first garage door tested to meet police and insurance standards. Limited headroom? Choose the SeceuroGlide Compact, which requires only 205mm of headroom. We also offer a manual roller garage door for situations where power is not available.

Impressive 7-Year Automation Warranty

With exceptional construction, our high-quality SeceuroGlide Roller Shutter Garage Doors are built to endure. Our most popular roller garage doors come with a 7-year automation warranty, offering a choice of motor/control unit configurations.

Product range

SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Doors

SeceuroGlide Original

The original insulated roller garage door. Proudly manufactured in the UK since 1997.

Constructed from robust twin-walled aluminium slats with an insulating core, this roller door curtain is securely held in place using high-performance webbing. This configuration ensures remarkably quiet operation and remains resilient in the face of extreme temperatures. Furthermore, a sturdy extruded top slat and our exclusive locking mechanism effectively deter potential intruders.

SeceuroGlide Original Garage Doors offer a choice of 18 paint or wood-effect finishes, along with more than 40 textured woodgrain finishes, allowing you to coordinate your door with existing paintwork or double-glazing for a harmonious home exterior.

Each high-quality automated door comes equipped with a single-channel SeceuroSense receiver featuring a built-in courtesy light, two key fob transmitters, a bottom slat safety sensor, and an internal manual override. Additionally, an optional alarm can be specified. The SeceuroGlide is also available as a manual roller garage door.

SeceuroGlide Excel

Elevate your security measures with our most robust garage door. Security is a critical concern for all homeowners. According to statistics from the British Crime Survey, released by the Home Office, there were approximately 650,000 domestic burglaries reported in England and Wales during 2016/2017.

Your garage is often the most vulnerable entry point into your home, housing valuable items that are enticing to intruders.

For uncompromising security, consider the SeceuroGlide Excel Insulated Roller Garage Door. Designed for security-conscious homeowners, the SeceuroGlide Excel enhances the original SeceuroGlide with the highest available security specifications, creating the most advanced roller garage door in the market.

SeceuroGlide LT

The SeceuroGlide LT, our introductory model, is designed for those who desire the aesthetics of our popular SeceuroGlide Original garage door without the advanced noise reduction and high-security features found in the standard SeceuroGlide product.

By blending vertical operation efficiency, an insulated profile, and the convenience of electrical operation, the SeceuroGlide LT offers a tailored garage door solution that adds enduring value to your property.

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Engineered from the inside out

1. Secure Locking

SeceuroGlide provides exceptional security. Its unique end plate system ensures the door remains securely closed, effectively resisting any determined intrusion attempts.

2. Choice

When ordering SeceuroGlide, you can select from three box options: full, half, or none. SeceuroGlide Compact offers a choice between a half box or a full box.

3. Space Saving

Unique helical collars create tighter, space-saving coiling, while specially designed flanged rollers minimize lateral curtain movement, maximizing available space in your garage door.

4. SeceuroDrive

Powerful SeceuroDrive motors are a dependable choice for SeceuroGlide roller garage doors, enhanced by an extended 7-year warranty for added peace of mind.

5. Never get trapped inside

Each door is equipped with an easy-to-use manual override crank, guaranteeing that you will never find yourself accidentally locked inside your garage, even in the event of a power outage.

6. Courtesy Light

Enhancing the safety of your garage during nighttime parking, SeceuroGlide employs the reliable SeceuroSense Plus control unit. This unit features a courtesy light and offers convenient control through both remote and push-button functions.

7. Remote Control

With every door purchase, two remote controls from our extensive range can be selected. Open your door effortlessly without the need to leave your car.

8. Ultimate Weatherproofing

SeceuroGlide is designed to effectively block cold drafts, ensuring your garage remains warm and usable. This is achieved through guide rails lined with a dense brush strip and a contoured rubber seal on the bottom slat.

SeceuroGlide's unique features

Through continuous development, the SeceuroGlide range of garage doors incorporates numerous and distinctive safety, security, and design elements. These doors benefit from enhanced strength, reduced noise, and improved insulation. This is achieved through innovative engineering of the curtain, end plate, and guide rail components.

Benefits of using Slats

The individual slat system offers several advantages. In addition to requiring minimal space compared to panel and up-and-over options, you'll enjoy smooth, quiet operation. Furthermore, if your door sustains damage, only the marked or dented slats need to be replaced, making maintenance easier and cost-effective.

Customise your door

Options and accessories


All roller doors can be specified with the colours below:


The optional SeceuroSeal assists in minimizing additional water ingress, ensuring that the garage remains dry and free from external debris, even in the most adverse British weather conditions. Installed on the ground beneath the door, SeceuroSeal is well-suited for garages with uneven floors or those situated at the base of a sloping driveway.

Vision Slats

Vision slats enable natural light to enter your garage and come complete with glazing. They are available either in an 'inline' configuration or as a brick-bond pattern. For woodgrain doors, vision slats will be provided with a brown finish. It's essential to note that during severe weather conditions, the vision slats may be vulnerable to water penetration.

Sloping Bottom Slat

The perfect solution for garages constructed on an incline. Our innovative sloping bottom slat ensures an excellent fit on slopes of up to 250 mm.

Vented Slats

Vented slats facilitate effective air circulation, which proves particularly beneficial if your garage houses laundry facilities, especially during the summer months. These slats are positioned at the very bottom of the door.